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Motorcycle Tires & Repairs

Looking for great deals on motorcycle tires? Or maybe you’re looking for a motorcycle repair shop to handle all of your motorcycle service needs, including dyno tuning. Mr. Chuck's Discount Tire & Auto Repair is an experienced motorcycle repair shop and motorcycle tire dealer in your area. We proudly provide high-quality motorcycle repairs and motorcycle tires to customers in Port Richey, FL, Tarpon Springs, FL, Bayonet Point, FL, and surrounding
areas. We are also an authorized Power Commander 
dealer, and we dyno tune motorcycles.
We do it all!


What is a Dynamometer: A dynamometer is a
specialized equipment that measures force and torque
while simulating real riding conditions. Our dynamometer identifies whether your motorcycle is running at peak efficiency, and if not, where improvements can be made. During the process, the dynamometer will return readings on your bike's air/fuel mixture ratio, gear ratios, cam timing, and other measurements that show how your bike runs. Our tuner can make adjustments to your bike based on the dynamometer readings to optimize motorcycle performance, including fuel efficiency. Whether your motorcycle is for racing or street riding, a dyno tune can simply make your bike run better.

Dyno Tune Repairs: A motorcycle dyno tune can also identify problems that occur at certain RPM levels. If you have an odd problem that other motorcycle repair shops can't figure out, request a dyno tune.

We have Dynojet Power Vision flash tuners available. Power Vision is the quickest flash tuning device on the market for fuel-injected Haley-Davidson® motorcycles equipped with a Delphi ECM. This full color, touch-screen device is a Windows PC based tuning application that makes tuning easy. With hundreds of tunes pre-loaded to your device, you don't even need to get off your bike to make changes. Whether you're looking to improve stock performance or you have performance parts installed and need to optimize your Haley-Davidson® bike for them, the Dynojet Power Vision provides a quick, portable solution.

Power flash tuners are also available for Polaris SXS, Indian, and Victory Motorcycles.



All our tires combine constant rubber-to-road contact, grip, and durability. Some tires we have available include touring tires, sport tires, cruiser tires, supermoto tires, dirt tires, race tires, scooter tires, and dual-sport tires. We carry motorcycle tires for sportbikes, cruiser bikes, touring motorcycles, dirt bikes, and dual-purpose motorcycles. We can even locate tires for classic and vintage motorcycles. Interested in finding the perfect tire match for your motorcycle? Call ahead to one of our sales professionals who can help locate the perfect set of motorcycle tires for your bike based on your tastes and cycling preferences.


If you are in need of tire repair, our technicians can repair flats or install brand new motorcycle tires upon request. Our motorcycle brake repair services will keep your brakes in top condition. We handle brake replacements, fluid changes, caliper cleanings, and more. We are also a certified motorcycle safety inspection station. Our technicians are educated and trained on all aspects of motorcycle maintenance as it pertains to state laws.



Our shop also specializes in all aspects of motorcycle maintenance—everything from oil changes to motorcycle inspections, brake repairs to tire repairs, basic tune-ups to major tune-ups, and more motorcycle services. Whether you drive a classic or vintage motorcycle, sportbike, cruiser bike, track bike, dirt bike, or dual-purpose bike, we offer only the best tools, technology, and experienced technicians to handle any motorcycle service your bike may require. Our parts selection guarantees quick repairs with reliable parts from trusted manufacturers.


Shock oil treatments are another aspect of our motorcycle services. Why not pair a shock treatment with an engine tune-up? While performing one service, our auto professionals will inspect other bike components and, with your approval, restore maximum working order to all other motorcycle parts in need of service.


Don’t wait to purchase that new pair of tires or have your motorcycle repaired. Mr. Chuck's Discount Tire & Auto Repair is just a phone call or a short drive away!

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